Fee-Based Services

Asset Management

We operate on a fee only basis, which means that we normally charge an annual fee of 1% on the assets that we manage (assessed quarterly in advance).  For example, if we manage a client's portfolio of $1,000,000 then we get paid $2,500 per quarter on the portfolio ($10,000 total); the fee is based on the balance of the portfolio each quarter, so the more money we can make for you the better.

Financial Planning

We charge a flat fee for a complete, holistic financial plan.  The fee can range from $500-$5,000 depending on complexity (usually this fee is based on 1% of adjusted gross income from the most current tax return - e.g. if AGI is $50,000 - then we would charge $500).  Depending on the assets that the planning client holds, we would most likely create an investment plan as part of the full financial plan and offer to manager the assets too. Usually the financial planning fee is paid 50% at engagement and the remaining 50% once the plan is complete.  The plan can be revisited frequently, and if the planning client becomes an investment client, then we can discuss waiving the original financial plan fee, as well as offering complementary on-going financial planning services in conjunction with the asset management.

Our fees are completely transparent and we do not get paid a commission on asset management so we are not incentivized to "sell" specific investments. Also, the annual fee can be negotiated depending upon the assets under management.