Financial Planning

At Summit Wealth Advisors we believe that a comprehensive, holistic financial plan can be the key to accomplishing financial objectives and goals over the long term.  A full financial plan provides a road map to help navigate the financial decisions and options that dictate the capacity to realize dreams and fulfill financial potential.  The plan represents a framework to clarify and structure financial matters.

A full financial plan includes analysis of all aspects of your financial picture: retirement, taxes, investments, insurance, estate planning, and college savings, in addition to, debt analysis, budgeting and strategies for maximizing financial potential.  

Our process includes all or a combination of the following phases:

I. Introduction

  1. A discussion of your goals and objectives
  2. Review our experience and credentials
  3. Explain compensation, fees and/or expenses

II. Discovery

  1. Clarify your objectives
  2. Measure your risk tolerance and time horizons
  3. Assess your investable and personal assets, liabilities and insurance
  4. Address asset titling, account registrations and estate documents

III. Solution

  • Demonstrate financial models related to your objectives
  • Propose portfolios solutions
  • Outline of income and family protection needs
  • Discuss estate documentation, plans and needs


Your financial plan is unique, just like you.  We analyze an immense number of investment options and have access to a wide variety of insurance companies that can be used to accomplish your financial plan goals.  If necessary and as you wish, we implement and coordinate your plan in conjunction with other professionals including tax and legal advisors.


Your financial plan is a dynamic and evolutionary process.  Progress discussions are a critical phase to maintaining your plan. We are continually available to review and update your financial plan when the changes in your life or business dictate the need to make adjustments as necessary.