Investment Advisory & Management

We are Independent Financial Advisors: this means we have access to literally thousands of investment options allowing us to custom tailor portfolios to suit clients' investment objectives and needs with no incentive to put their money in specific funds -we do not have any propriety products.


Portfolio Construction:

First and foremost, our portfolio construction process begins with identifying the needs, objectives and suitability of our client.  We build and customize each individual client's portfolio with their specific long-term goals in mind and we provide on-going asset management and portfolio adjustments as the needs of clients evolve overtime.  These objectives dictate how we implement our investment philosophy described above.  The due diligence process involved in creating a diverse asset allocation begins with a high-level market analysis of the asset class categories: equity (stocks, private equity, long/short funds), fixed income (bonds, bank loans, government funds), real assets (real estate, natural resources, commodities) and global equity/income (foreign/emerging markets equity, foreign/emerging markets fixed income/bonds).  This quantitative information is then complemented with qualitative information gathered from industry “experts”, economists and investment managers.  Collectively, this information is used to identify the market-wide/global trends and influences that impact areas of the market, thereby resulting in what could be attractive opportunities from a valuation perspective, as well as identifying those capital markets that may be overvalued.

From this point we use the overall market research and information to develop asset mix scenarios with different risk and return characteristics, or “models”.  Asset classes are considered based on their contribution to the return and risk diversification of the entire portfolio and then we tweak our models to complement the overarching objectives and suitability of the client. 

The process in selecting specific assets to complete the model portfolio starts with our own due diligence and research based on the information gathered from a variety of sources including: industry and academic journals/periodicals, investment professionals, analysts and market strategists, and custodial research teams.  We synthesize the data gathered through these sources to drive our daily research process and despite the use of external data sources, the conclusions we reach are independent and proprietary.


Investing involves risk of loss. Depending on the type of investment, there may be varying degrees of risk. Clients should be prepared to bear loss, including total loss of principal. No strategy can guarantee profit or protect against loss.